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F.SC Pre-Medical at Falcone College offers a comprehensive foundation in biology, chemistry, and physics, preparing students for future careers in medicine and allied health fields. Our rigorous curriculum, coupled with hands-on laboratory experience, ensures a solid understanding of the sciences, laying the groundwork for success in medical and healthcare professions.


F.SC Pre-Engineering at Falcone College provides a strong academic foundation in mathematics and physical sciences, preparing students for careers in engineering and related fields. Our program emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and hands-on experience, ensuring graduates are well-equipped for the challenges and innovations in the dynamic field of engineering.


ICS (Intermediate in Computer Science) at Falcone College combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills in computing. Students engage in programming, database management, and systems analysis, preparing them for careers in software development, IT management, and more. Our ICS program equips students to thrive in the ever-evolving world of technology.


The Bachelor of Science in Zoology at Falcone College delves into the fascinating realm of animal biology. Students explore topics such as evolution, ecology, and behavior, gaining a deep understanding of the diversity within the animal kingdom. This program prepares graduates for impactful careers in research, conservation, and environmental science.


Falcone College’s Bachelor of Science in Botany offers a comprehensive study of plant biology. Students delve into plant structure, physiology, and ecology, gaining insights into the vital role of plants in ecosystems. The program equips graduates for careers in environmental science, agriculture, and botanical research.


Falcone College’s Mathematics program provides a rigorous exploration of mathematical principles and their applications. Students develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills, preparing for diverse careers in fields such as finance, data science, and academia. The program emphasizes theoretical understanding alongside practical problem-solving, fostering well-rounded mathematicians.


Falcone College’s Physics program offers a profound exploration of the fundamental laws governing the universe. Students engage in theoretical concepts and hands-on experiments, honing analytical skills. This program equips graduates for careers in research, engineering, and technology, emphasizing a deep understanding of the principles that govern the physical world.


Falcone College’s Chemistry program is designed for inquisitive minds passionate about the molecular world. Students delve into organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry, gaining hands-on laboratory experience. This program prepares graduates for careers in research, pharmaceuticals, and various industries, emphasizing a thorough understanding of chemical principles and applications.


Falcone College’s English program fosters a deep appreciation for language, literature, and critical thinking. Students explore diverse literary genres, honing their communication and analytical skills. This program prepares graduates for careers in writing, education, and various fields, emphasizing the power of effective expression and cultural understanding.


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Falcone College prides itself on offering cutting-edge degrees designed to meet the demands of today’s competitive job market. Our Computer Science program equips students with practical skills for the tech industry, while the Pre-Medical & Engineering program provides a unique interdisciplinary perspective. The BS degrees in Zoology and Chemistry offer in-depth explorations of the natural world, fostering a strong foundation for careers in research, conservation, and industry. At Falcone College, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded professionals with a deep understanding of their chosen fields.