Class of 2024

Dive into a tapestry of enriching experiences at The Alpine School. From academic competitions to cultural showcases and vibrant sports galas, our events are meticulously curated to foster a sense of community, ignite school spirit, and create enduring memories that define the unique spirit of our educational journey.


Punjab Culture

June 18

09:00 am

Punjabi culture, rich in vibrant traditions and lively festivities, is a celebration of exuberance and warmth. With its vibrant music, lively dance, and delectable cuisine, Punjabi culture reflects a tapestry of joyous traditions that resonate with unity and shared heritage.

Red day

April 16

09:00 am

Red Day transforms our school into a vibrant sea of crimson, symbolizing energy, passion, and unity. Through red-themed activities and spirited displays, it’s a day of celebration that fosters a sense of community and pride within our educational family.

Principal Convocation

09 Nov

10:00 am

The Principal Convocation is a solemn occasion where our school’s leadership acknowledges and celebrates the academic achievements of our students. It stands as a testament to their dedication, hard work, and the pursuit of excellence in their educational journey.


Our seminars serve as dynamic platforms for intellectual exchange, fostering a culture of continuous learning. From expert-led discussions to interactive sessions, these events provide invaluable insights, empowering our students to explore, engage, and stay abreast of emerging trends and ideas across diverse fields.

July 15 at 09:00 am

The evolution of books is a profound journey spanning centuries, from ancient scrolls to modern e-books. Each chapter in the history of books reflects humanity’s quest for knowledge, enlightenment, and the preservation of stories. From illuminated manuscripts to the printing press revolution, books have been our enduring companions, shaping cultures and transcending time, encapsulating the collective wisdom of civilizations throughout history.

March 28 at 09:00 am

Event planning is an intricate art where creativity meets precision. From conceptualization to execution, our meticulous approach ensures seamless events that captivate and engage. With attention to detail, strategic coordination, and a flair for innovation, we craft memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact, tailored to exceed expectations.

Aug 12 at 09:00 am

Our Startup Workshop is a dynamic platform fostering entrepreneurship. Tailored for aspiring innovators, it provides invaluable insights into ideation, strategy, and practical steps to launch a successful venture. Attendees gain the tools, knowledge, and mentorship needed to navigate the exciting journey of building and scaling a startup.

Your Future Starts Here.

“Your Future Starts Here” is not just a tagline; it’s a promise of boundless opportunities and growth. At our institution, we are committed to providing an empowering and transformative educational experience, laying the foundation for a future filled with possibilities, success, and personal fulfillment.